Update v2.5 – Photo-Motion Software

A more efficient process and a better online presentation. That is our mission, that is what we work hard for every day! This update of our photo studio software reflects our mission even more. Read on to discover what has changed in update 2.5.

Photo-Motion Manager

More efficient workflows

Photographing with Photo-Motion Manager is now faster than ever before. Because communication with the cameras is done in a smarter way, a considerable time saving is achieved in executing a workflow. The studios with multiple cameras in particular will notice the effects. With 6 cameras you can take 216 photos in less than five minutes!

Photo-Motion Online

Insight in cloudstorage

The dashboard now shows how much cloud storage is in use. That way you always know in time whether you can continue to shoot or whether you will soon have to remove old products or expand your storage.

Download product photos

It is now even easier to download multiple photos or entire folders in original quality in one go. Ideal if colleagues also want to work with the photos at other locations.

Updates behind the scenes

To keep up with the rapid growth of Photo-Motion, a number of updates will soon take place behind the scenes. By further scaling up the server capacity, Photo-Motion Online will work faster and can complete various tasks (such as generating spinners) in an instant. Moreover, we will also be completely ready for the growth of the coming years.

Do you have questions, do you miss certain functionality or do you see points of improvement in Photo-Motion Manager? Please send an email to support@photo-motion.com. We are eager to learn from our users!