Sotware-update 3.0 – Efficiency

The wait is over! One of the biggest updates for Photo-Motion Manager thus far is ready for release and we cannot wait to share it with you. Version 3.0 is all about one thing: Efficiency.

“Time is money. Photo-Motion helps you safe both!”

  1. HiSpeed Photo-Motion
  2. A more efficient workflow
  3. Support for Canon 250D
  4. Automatic updates
  5. Bugfix

HiSpeed Photo-Motion

By photographing while the vehicle or the product is rotating, the process becomes up to 6 times faster compared to photographing when using stop positions. Are you interested in learning more? Contact our sales team for more information!

A more efficient workflow

We have worked hard to make the workflow more efficient and to save the operator valuable time every step of the way. From 3.0 on, downloading the detail- and interior images will start automatically, meaning that the wait for the images to be ready is much reduced. Additionally, the workflow will now progress much smoother, as it will automatically proceed to the next step when the current one is finished. This means a complete workflow will now take much less time to complete!

Automatic updates

You can now enjoy new updates much quicker than before. Up until now, our support team has always contacted you to install a new update. From 3.0 on, new updates will automatically be installed in the background as soon as they’re available.

Support for Canon 250D

We have added support for a new detail camera: The Canon EOS 250D.


Sometimes, an error message appeared while nothing was wrong. We have fixed this bug in 3.0.

Do you have questions, do you miss certain functionality, or do you see points of improvement in Photo-Motion Manager? Please send an email to We are eager to learn from our users!